Of Oslo Farces and Beijing Tragedies

In this "Oslo Farce" episode, China only managed to position itself at the same level as Hitler's Germany : 1935 was the only other time in history a country successfully prevented any of its citizens, including the winner, from attending the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony.

Yesterday, Liu Xiaobo's empty chair weighted as much as the world's most populated nation, and Beijing leaders can only blame themselves for being so stupid.

China decently can't afford many more tactical nor strategic blunders. Even if not as smart as Wen Jiabao, Xi Jinping seems to be a more pragmatic than his predecessor-to-be Hu Jintao. Definitely not a visionary either, but at this stage the country can do with a little bit less ideology.

That's actually the problem : once more*, the only ideology the Politburo is considering to hold the country together is a sterile and suicidal nationalism. This short-term vision is an insult to the land of strategy.

Right now, the worst enemy of China is its own leadership.

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* see previous episodes, including "The Dictatorship of Short Term: Beijing and Uighurs", "HU got mail", "Pervasive China's CIA (Central Investment Agency) - Red blogule to go reds go", "A Greater Wall Of China - Bonus, Korea Inside (The Great Hanschluss)"

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