Is Your PC P.C. enough for China's PC ? Green Dam Youth Escort

Beijing's idea of fighting porn is to launch a "youth escort".

Announced last month, the Green Dam-Youth Escort system will be implemented starting July 1st, 2009.

Basically, all computers will come with a software preventing web surfers from coming across unhealthy content as defined by the regime. Potentially : pornography, violence, democracy, human rights, resistance against State propaganda and revisionism...

Theoretically, you can switch it off. But the moment this Government plants a troyan horse in every computer, all your own dams break loose.

This pushes the Golden Shield Project (A.K.A. the Great Firewall of China) up one notch on the totalitarian scale. Instead of just controlling the access to specific sites, Beijing may monitor all the traffic and beyond, all usages and every individual from every computer. It would just take a few transparent updates in the "service".

This is about tracking minds, preventing "negative" buzz from spreading, spotting "rebel" patterns, and anticipating potential disruptions. Zombie computers for a zombie people.

US manufacturers see the trap : they would join Google or Yahoo!, regularily blamed as collaborators by human rights groups.

I presume Chinese Authorities consider this as an inoffensive technology transfer from regular NSA partners...

Addendum 20090613
I mentioned "technology transfer" and it seems to be the entry point for a US counter attack : "Solid Oak Software Inc said it found pieces of its CyberSitter Internet-filtering software in the Chinese program, including a list of terms to be blocked and instructions for updating the software" (see "U.S. company accuses China of stealing software" - Reuters 20090613).
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