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China may not be as powerful as the US right now, but it sure is gaining some superpower status in major fields beyond economy and politics.

America has already been overtaken as the World's top polluter and these days, Washington is complaining about major disruptions in the weapon balance across Asia. Now Echelon is facing a major rival in "GhostNet", China's pervasive online spying network.

Recently uncovered by Canadian researchers from the Munk Centre for International Studies, GhostNet did not only fish sensitive information from foreign nations, but practiced identity theft at the State level... if you consider Dharamsala as the capital of the Tibetan administration in exile, that is (see "
Vast Spy System Loots Computers in 103 Countries" - New York Times / John Markoff - 20090328 - and "Tracking GhostNet: Investigating a Cyber Espionage Network" - MCIS).

HU Jintao has a rather weird way of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the "liberation" of Tibet : a revisionist exhibition in Beijing, foreign journalists kicked out of Tibet, and now this massive online (cons)piracy...

Beyond Tibet, Beijing is waging the wrong war with itself. Online and IRL. Again, the more China gives to nationalism and the short term, the more it loses in unity and the long term.

Beijing strategists intend to outlive the Dalai Lama and to hand Dharamsala to the most radical Tibetan factions after the death of their leader. History would then catch up with their own biased version : an hostile foreign power on China's doorstep. Who knows, India could even be cast as the Taliban regime hosting al Qaeda terrorist camps...

But Beijing cannot at the same time leverage on the Empire's vast cultural diversity and feed a mixture of nationalism and racism turned against one of its own minorities. Just like Russia is committing suicide by deterring immigration when it most needs it, China is alienating its own future.

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