Jane Harman, save our soul

"I look forward to your response."

"Have enhanced techniques been authorized and approved by the President ?"

To this question, and many other relevant ones regarding interrogation techniques used by the Agency, Scott W. Muller, CIA's general counsel, lyrically answered "I think it would be fair to assume that policy as well as legal matters have been addressed within the Executive Branch."

Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA), top Dem in the House Intelligence Committee, received no feed back regarding the most crucial issue of the destruction of the infamous videotapes either*. Her recommandation was pretty clear, though : "You discussed the fact that there is videotape of Abu Zubaydah following his capture that will be destroyed after the Inspector General finishes his inquiry. I would urge the Agency to reconsider that plan. Even if the videotape does not constitute an official record that must be preserved under the law, the videotape would be the best proof that the written record is accurate, if such record is called into question in the future. The fact of destruction would reflect badly on the Agency."

Praise Jane Harman for restoring the image of the Democrats and beyond, the whole American people, in front of History.

Let's forget about Muller and even Gonzales. The President must answer by himself. In front of an Impeachment Commitee.

"I look forward to your response."

In very deed.

* Harman fully disclosed her letter to Muller and his answer on her House.gov site. On the destruction of the tapes, see also "
Faith, lies and videotapes" (20071207)

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