Laura 44, Prescott 45, Propaganda 101

Senator Cristina Fernandez De Kirchner became President in Argentina and Senator Hillary Clinton must have paid some attention*. Laura Bush too. The incumbent First Lady has been campaining the last few weeks in the Middle East and across the US. As if she intended to run for Top Job #44 instead of Jeb or even George Bush The Third (Prescott, son of Jeb - a Latino Pete Sampras lookalike).

Is the "Desperate Housewife" that desperate ? We generally see her when her husband needs some PR rescue. Dubya was recently outspinned by Gubernator in the California bonfires of vanities... but this kind of unfortunate events (the outspinning, not the environmental tragedy no politician cares about) shouldn't trigger Laura's mediatic Pop-up, the ultimate Weapon of Mass Distraction.

Laura is about values. Family. Morality. The war in Iran will be about the negation of values. Infamy. Mortality.

Laura Bush is not running for Presidency. She isn't even running for the President. The President is running away from sanity and he just needs a nicer face for the display.

The President of The United States may be the husband of Laura Bush, that doesn't make him suitable for the job.

* Nevermind the pink joker parading next to the hero of the day : Segolene Royal, still desperately trying to catch the capacities of stateswomen like Kirchner or Bachelet, as if it were flu... but France's former "socialist" Presidential candidate only managed to grow her flamboyant Foot in Mouth disease.

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