Red blogule to Dick Cheney - Apneamerika

Hold your breath. The latest videogame is about entering Amerika safe and leaving it alive.

First, you must pass through the Great Mexican Wall. Then, you have to avoid Florida snipers (The Gunshine State welcomes you*) and scary CIA Abductors. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200 but give ten times that amount to the GOP and you may reach the next level. But you can end up in a dead end even before entering Amerika - that twilight zone is called the Guantanamo Law Warp.

Now is the moment of truth : are you truly an Amerikan ? Answer a few tricky questions from Darth Vader (Lobby Dick Cheney), such as "Do you consider the law of the jungle in business to be Darwinian (only the fittest prevail) or creationist (there is a scheme and big corporations set some kind of an Intelligent Design) ?"

Whatever the outcome, you then must take a bath. Either in order to be baptised a stubborn-again Bushite, or to be drowned to death a cruel, inhumane and degrading way**.

* see "Red blogule to the Gunshine State - shootfirstlaw.org Hammered down by the NRA" (20051011)

** see "White blogule to John McCain vs cruel, inhuman, or degrading Amerika" (20051025)

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