Red blogule to The Lincoln Group - painting Iraq green

Behind the stage, where the Commander in Thief gave a vibrant state of the disunion, the Bush Administration are focusing on their core know-how : pre-election propaganda. This time, they need to win the war in Iraq (that is, get the hell outta there or at least set a positive timetable before next mid-term US elections).
A DC-based PR firm, Lincoln Group, got the $6M contract. We already knew from
Odwyer PR News they'd been hiring "Senior PR help" for their Iraqi operations, now we know for sure they're paid by the US, as the NYT put it, "to plant articles in Iraq papers".
How charming. Planting, without the help of Monsanto ? Karen Hughes could make sure these six millions are taken from the environment budget : after all, The Lincoln Group are working for a better environment for US troops in Iraq.
Abductions, torture, usage of WMDs, and now plain propaganda... Iraqi certainly feel the difference between Uncle Saddam and Unkle Sam...

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